Design to simplify checking, comparing and copying from the form

When entries on one document have to be checked or compared with information on another record, and when entries on a form need to be made by copying details already entered on another form or record, the following layout arrangements will make these tasks easier:

  1. Captions to entry spaces for the same information on both documents should be identical.
  2. Entries on both documents should be (a) in the same sequence and (b) grouped together and positioned for ease of reference, and so that entries to be compared can be brought as close together as possible.
  3. Spacing allowances for entries should be the same on both documents.
  4. For items that are to be marked off as they are checked, an entry space for the check mark, checker’s initials, stamp etc. should be provided.

Checking and comparing may also be assisted by the use of transparent templates, or masks, showing standard information to be compared with other entries.

When entries are carried forward from one accounting document to another, e.g. for summarising entries on a series of accounting forms, it is sometimes helpful to auditors and new staff if each entry has by it a simple indication of its source.

Small book with columns overplayed on top of bigger paper with matching columns so they can be compared.
Columns have titles: Account no., Week 1, 2, 3, 4.
Rows have numbers for each account, e.g. 10519, and numbers in s. and d., e.g. 2 s. 5 d.
Documents designed so that the entry spaces are correctly aligned when placed side by side for checking, comparing, or copying entries from one to the other. The stub or spine of the book is provided at the top instead of the side
Form with title ATTENDANCE RECORD, OUTDOOR FORCE, blank field.
Table with columns:
No. of Duty.
1st Attendance with sub-columns on and off duty.
2nd attendance with sub columns on and off duty.
Time of return to (obscured) (or pouching o (obscured)) after each deliv(obscured).
Letters: 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
On top of form is another form with title Postman’s attendance record key (for use with P391G).
Has the same columns as the bottom form but has a cut out that allows comparison for attendance records.
Form with a mask to assist reading. Standard times are entered on the mask and after aligning the cut-out portion of the mask with the appropriate column of the attendance record, the times recorded on the attendance record are compared