Making copies with duplicating equipment

Any of the four main duplicating processes (hectograph spirit, stencil, offset litho, and typeset) can be used for making copies. The offset litho process may be necessary when copies must be produced on a paper having a surface for additional written entries after duplicating; the semi-absorbent paper normally used for stencil duplicating is not suitable for use with pen and ink.

Some duplicators will not ‘print’ right up to all the edges of the paper, and a corresponding margin must be allowed. For example, most spirit duplicators require a blank margin about one inch wide along the edge of the paper which is fed into the machine.

Making copies of entries by the Hectograph process

RO., blank field.
All Classns./Classn. Nos., blank field.
This list should be checked against the L.O. register of Duplicate Order Cards.
(see L.O. Code 6, para 287F.).
Empty table with 6 columns: Classn. No., Order No., Vacancy L.O.
These three columns are repeated once more.
Captions and lines etc. ‘pre-printed’ on a Hectograph ‘master’ copy; entries are added by typewriter and copies of the complete document for circulation are provided on a spirit duplicator. The Hectograph carbon sheet at the back is perforated at the top to facilitate separation from the master after typing entries