Deciding Requirements

Collecting, Assembling and Analysing

Evolving a Design

Form headings and identifications

The layout and style of the form

Notes and instructions

Simplifying entries

Spacing allowances for entries

Entries by typewriter

Use of typewriter characters for forms design

Entries by addressing equipment

Layout of input and output documents for punched cards

Layout of documents for use with A.D.P. equipment

Design to simplify checking, comparing and copying from the form

Design to simplify adding and calculating

Design as an aid to filing and indexing

Make-up of documents and forms

Use of colour

Transit and Mailing Documents

Envelopes, wrappers and labels

Folders suitable for postal purposes

The Form in Print


Type sizes



Use of carbon papers or carbon coatings

Making copies with duplicating equipment

Making copies by photocopying methods

Preparing Instructions for the Reproduction Process

Table of Symbols for Proof Correction